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    Are You A Good Candidate For Herndon VA Laser Hair Removal?

    Removing unwanted locks is a common cosmetic procedure for men and women. However, only some people qualify for Herndon VA laser hair removal. Here are the characteristics of the ideal candidate for this procedure.

    Treatment area

    This process is perfect for treating large parts of the body, like bikini area, legs and underarms. However, this doesn’t disqualify facial areas completely. Smaller areas like the upper lips and chin can also be managed using this method. But it’s best to use it where large masses of locks are. This is compared to places where there is only a small amount or occasional locks.

    Light skin and dark locks

    The classic candidate is an individual who has light skin and dark locks. The pigmentation in dark locks absorbs the light emitted during treatment as opposed to the light skin. This is more effective than if the skin is darker than the locks. It’s also more effective than if the skin and locks are the same color.

    Clients who have gray, red or blonde locks might not be very pleased with the results of laser hair removal service. This is due to their locks not having melanin, so the light can’t target anything. But if you have dark locks, our skilled personnel will deliver satisfactory results.

    Pregnant women

    Laser hair removal deals aren’t recommended for pregnant women. Due to hormonal changes, hyperpigmentation might affect the treatment areas.


    People who tend to get keloids should not undergo this treatment. But it’s always best to talk to our professionals one-on-one to get better insight. Also, if you want treatment on a tattooed area or in a place which has permanent makeup, it’s not recommended.


    To truly know if you’re a good candidate for this service, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with us. We’ll assess your locks, skin type and any other conditions and let you know whether this treatment is suitable for you.

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