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    Beauty Salon In Herndon VA For Facials And Laser Hair Removal

    At Priya Aesthetics, we provide a wide range of permanent cosmetic treatments. This will help to improve our customer’s looks and health. This is done in a relaxing and pleasing environment. Hence, resulting in a positive experience. Some of the primary services provided at this beauty salon in Herndon VA will be discussed below.

    Facial Spa

    This is tailored to the customer’s needs and skin. This is designed to promote healthy skin. The treatments target wrinkles, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and sagging jowls, among other issues.

    Our expert therapists will aim to transform your skin through technology, touch and our beauty products. We offer various services to choose from. For instance, there are treatments for oily faces, skin lightening and acne-prone skin.

    Our beauty therapists will be happy first to assess your skin and advise on the best treatment. They will analyze the skin type and condition. This is to ensure that our clients get the results that they desire. The therapy will leave the skin feeling soft, clean and pampered.

    You can relax knowing that you will be well looked after.

    Laser hair removal

    Our splendor hair removal services are a good option to consider for those who don’t want waxing or shaving. This service is used to get rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body. This includes the chin, underarms, bikini area and other areas.

    The results are long-lasting for months or even years. However, top-ups will be needed from time to time when new hairs emerge.

    The sessions are usually quick, lasting for an average of an hour. Several sessions will be necessary to achieve the desired results. Our friendly assistants will provide post-treatment advice and support. An aftercare pack will also be given to deal with any skin irritations that might occur.

    We have up-to-date equipment that is safe to use for all skin types and tones

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