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(certified body art technician by Good Look Ink, VA Licensed SMP artist)

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Create the illusion of thicker hair

With the process of Micro Pigmentation at Priya Esthetics, We can help you with:


  • Male pattern baldness
  • Alopecia
  • Enhance hair transplants 
  • Scar camouflage
  • Adding density 
  • Women's hair loss

Call us for a free consultation Call us for a free consultation and promotional prices


During your consultation, we will talk to you about exactly what results you want to get and ensure a custom procedure designed to give you the desired effects that you are looking for. When we implant our ink into the affected area, we carefully match our pigment to your natural hair color with skillful precision.  


SMP for Thinning Hair

Two-thirds of American men experience significant hair thinning by age 35, and by age 50, the percentage of men with significantly thinner hair is a whopping 85%. If you’re in this group—or if you’re a woman with thinning hair—then SMP is an ideal solution to dramatically increase not only your hair’s perceived density, but your overall level of confidence.

How Much Does The Procedure Cost ?


The cost of your procedure depends on what you need exactly and how much SMP you need done. It is ultimately decided by how many hours of session time you require and how much pigment is necessary for your particular scalp, and any other special requirements you may have (scars, alopecia, sifting through hair). Every scalp is different. The average client with thinning hair on top and perhaps a receding hairline, can expect to pay around $4500 (USD). Many clients fit this category or close to it. Even those with intact hairlines usually require the same session time to recover lost density. Use $4500 as an average guide, and allow some fluctuation depending on your personal requirements. The price is likely to be reduced if your hair loss is less advanced: if you have full density but need a slight reconstruction of your hairline or if you just need to fill in an area on your crown. The price will increase if you have scars to conceal, alopecia to camouflage, hair to sift through, or a massive area to fill in.

Ultimately, the cost of your micropigmentation procedure will depend upon the amount of work that needs to be done, along with the experience level and quality of work of the artist - this is also crucial. Price shopping for the best deal isn't a good idea when it comes to your head, just like any type of art or business. Baldness is measured using the Norwood Hamilton Scale. You can see below that there are 7 stages of the progression of balding. Call us today for a free quote! Please be sure to send your photos or setup a consultation in person to receive an exact quote! We can also arrange a skype or facetime consultation for clients who are out of state.


 Call us for a free consultation and promotional prices 

 (571) 313-1265