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    Top Four Reasons Why You Should Choose SPLENDOR X Laser Hair Removal For Your Skin Treatment Today

    Procedures that skin care experts use to remove unwanted body hairs can be time consuming and in some cases frustrating. Traditional techniques such as tweezing, waxing and shaving can help but only offers a temporary approach to eliminate unwanted hairs on your skin. Luckily, the invention of modern and effective procedures like the use of lasers to remove such body hairs came as an ideal solution. The use of SPLENDOR X Laser Hair Removal to eliminate undesirable body hairs comes with various advantages as discussed in the rest of the post.

    Reduced Treatment Time

    The length of the treatments depends of the area we are treating every session. It will take our experts a few minutes to treat your upper limbs once you visit us. The therapists will take a little longer when you come for a treatment involving your back or lower limbs. However, Splendor X guarantees reduced treatment time by a good percentage compared to other alternative devices. Contact us for an ideal skin care whenever you need best Laser Hair Removal near me in Herndon VA. This option uses large square spot power and size leading to reduced time in every session.

    Pleasant and Safe Experience

    A laser removes your skin hairs by vaporizing them. The vaporization leads to small smoke plumes with sulfur like smell during the procedure. At Priya Esthetics, we evacuate these smoke plumes through special suction device to make the experience pleasant and safe for you. The suctioning also ensures the environment is habitable for the rest of the occupants in the treatment room for effective procedure.

    Quality Hygiene

    Our highly dedicated team will always begin by cleaning the area to be treated. The entire treatment session takes place in a designated room that we have set for laser treatments. Every person who will be in the room must then wear personal protective eyewear once the treatment begins. When performing the procedure, the therapist holds the skin tight as it is treated. The procedure is always free of pain. Many clients admit that pulses from lasers feel like warm pinpricks or rubber bands snapping against their skin.

    Uniform Skin Coverage

    Our skin care specialist use Splendor X for a wide range of hair elimination processes. This technique comes as a Laser Hair Removal that works in a rapid coverage rate with improved fluency, large spot size and increased repetition rate. The exclusive square spot shape ensures there are no hot spots and overlaps giving our clients uniform skin coverage. We can easily customize the skin treatment and elimination of hairs across a wide range of skin tones and colors for excellent client satisfaction.

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